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*Indemnity amount means the portion of the compensation for property damage or vehicle damage that the user of the rental car is liable.
Use of our vehicles includes the following amount as insurance/compensation.
However, you will need to pay for the deductibles.
Optional compensations with charge, Wide Compensation Plan and Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), are also available.
Please apply when you reserve.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance /
Bodily Injury Liability Unlimited per person (including the amount covered by the compulsory automobile liability insurance)
Property Damage Liability Unlimited (deductible of JPY 50000)per accident
Vehicle Damage Liability *Indemnity amount shall be paid by the customers.
*Indemnity amount is dependent upon the car type, please check the details on the Car Type page.
Up to market value
(deductible of JPY 50,000 ・ JPY 80,000 ・ JPY 100,000) per accident
Bodily Injury Indemnity Up to JPY 10 million per person for death
Up to JPY 10 million per person for residual disability
JPY 7,500 per day for hospitalization
JPY 5,000 per day for going to hospital as an outpatient
Up to 180 days from the day of the accident

Optional Compensation with Charge

*Please apply when you reserve. (You cannot add or cancel once the rental procedure is complete.)

Wide Compensation Plan ・・・ JPY 1,650 / day

Personal Injury Protection Insurance as below *1
"*1" below is added, covering a wider range of damages such as injury.

Insurance /
Personal Injury Protection Insurance *1 Up to JPY 50 million per accident

*1 Personal Injury Protection Insurance

This insurance covers the medical fees, lost profits, mental disabilities, and prospective nursing care expenses for injury or death of not only yourself but also other passengers who are your family members or friends.
Lost Profits … prospective profits not realized due to a loss of working capacity.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

*Indemnity amount is dependent upon the car type, please check the details on the Car Type page.
(JPY 3,300/24h ・ JPY 6,600/24h ・ JPY 9,900/24h)
*Calculated for the beginning 15 days. (Fixed charge applies after 15 days)

*The CDW is not an insurance.
*If you apply for this plan (before you rent the vehicle),
you will be exempted from paying for the property and vehicle damages in case of an accident.
However, in case of multiple accidents by the same rented vehicle, the coverage applies only to the first accident.
*Please apply when you reserve. (You cannot add or cancel once the rental procedure is complete.)

Exemptions of Insurance/Compensation

Insurance/compensation will not be applicable to, (and therefore, you will be financially responsible for) the following cases.

*The contents of insurance/compensation will be determined by our company's insurance clause.
*Please refer to the separate contents of insurance contract if you apply for the Wide Compensation Plan or Collision Damage Waiver (CDW).

  • If you haven't completed the proper procedures for the accident such as reporting the accident to the police and our store.
  • If you violated any item listed on the terms and conditions of the Rental Agreement.
    Any violation of the Road Traffic Law, negotiation or settlement without our permission, lending of the rented vehicle, driving without the seatbelt or driver's license, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, for exceeding the   scheduled rental hours extended without prior notice, or by a driver different from the declared driver at the time of departure, etc.
  • Cases of usage and operation failure
    Vehicle damage incurred due to theft, damage incurred by parking violations, vandalism of interior equipment, loss of vehicle accessories,
    breakdown due to the mishandling of the vehicle, repair fee for damages caused by improper fueling, repair fee for damage or corrosion due to the improper usage of the vehicle, damage by attaching snow chains and vehicle carriers, damage
    by driving on beaches, riverbeds or forest paths, use for various trials or any kind of test or competition, use for pulling or pushing any other vehicles from other companies.
  • If the damage exceeds the limits of insurance/compensation coverage.
  • The insurance/compensation will not be applied to the damages caused by reckless driving or driving on rough roads such as racing circuit and the one other than the public road. And therefore, you will need to pay the repairing costs for the damaged tires and vehicle.
  • Other cases of accident noted as disclaimer on the insurance clause.
    Intentionally caused damages, tire damages such as flat tire, loss of wheel cap, etc.
  • Damages to the Rental vehicle by accidents with vehicles that belongs to, are used by, or managed by the user or user's family.
  • Damage of vehicles and objects occurring within the property of the company's branch offices.

Non-Operation Charge(NOC)

If the car accident you caused necessitates the repair of the rented vehicle, the following fees will be charged as part of the compensation for business during the repairing period.
In the case of an accident, if the Company judges clearly that the user is not at fault, the user is not responsible for payments.
*Except for the above stated case or the case where the Company cannot judge clearly that the user is not at fault in regards to the accident, the user is responsible for the below stated amounts.

*Indemnity amount is dependent upon the car type, please check the details on the Car Type page.

1 Accidents

Vehicle Returned at Store・・・(JPY 30,000 ・ JPY 40,000 ・ JPY 50,000)
Vehicle NOT Returned at Store・・・(JPY 60,000 ・ JPY 80,000 ・ JPY 100,000)
You will need to pay the NOC even if you apply for the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW).

Users are liable for following costs

When causing damage to exterior and interior of a rental car vehicle, a third party vehicle or another object,the following defrayment occurs.(The Terms and the Condition, when it's inviolate.)

In case of enrollment in the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

In case of Not enrollment in the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

Accidents or Troubles

Trouble ・ Accident ・ questions

Trouble ・ Accident(After Our Office Hours)

*Roadside Assistance is the damage insurance service that is provided by the company.

Note, the user will be liable for the following: damages exceeding the insured amount, damages from the accident that are relevant to the Indemnity amount and Indemnity conditions stated in the insurance policy,
and damage from the accident and use of the vehicle that are in violation of the terms and conditions.

About the vehicle delivery service

Compensated up to 150,000 yen (tax included) per accident.
The user is liable for the portion of the amount which exceeds 150,000 yen (tax included).
The vehicle is delivered to factories or temporary storage facilities designated by the company.

Frequently requested emergency response service

In case the vehicle is unable to be driven due to the troubles incurred by the vehicle itself (e.g. breakdown, battery drain, etc.),
about 30 minutes of possible emergency response service is provided.
However, the user is responsible for any work that is not applicable for service or the portion of the work which exceeds the compensation range in case the problems are due to the user.

Jump start the battery
Replacement of the fuse and bulb
Approximately 30 minutes of possible emergency response service
Refill of coolant
Low Fuel (Engine does not start due to the low fuel)

Gasoline or Diesel Fuel up to 10 L * Limited to once per rental

Low energy battery charge (In case the vehicle is running out of charge on the road, deliver the vehicle to the nearest charging station)

*Limited to once per rental

Unlocking in case the key is locked inside the vehicle(A general cylinder lock)

* Applicable only for the Renter of the vehicle or those who were approved by the company in advance.

Tire Replacement with a spare tire

*In case the vehicle does not carry a spare tire, deliver it to the nearest gas station.

*In principle, the user is liable for the flat tires and blown tires.
(If only one side on the tire is replaced, it usually affects the vehicle's driving performance. Because of that reason, the user is liable for replacing both sides of tire in case replacement is needed.)

Wheel falls off, pulling up the vehicle (within 1 meter)
Cost of tire and its repair

*In case the replacement is required for one side of tires, the user is liable for the cost of two tire replacements.

actual expense

*If the conditions do not apply, the user is liable.
*If the user had the fare paying service outside of the services stated above, payment needs to be made on site.


Calmly perform the following actions. (Any service provided after the incident is not covered by insurance/compensation)

  • *If the following actions are neglected, the case may not be covered by the insurance and compensation system, and it may also be in violation of the law.
  • *It is treated as an accident irrespective of the seriousness of the damage or the presence of other involved parties.
  • *The renter will be liable for compensation for damage according to the law and the company's terms and conditions.


Calmly perform the following actions.

  • *If it is judged that the company is liable due to maintenance problems or other issues, we will deliver a substitute vehicle when possible.
  • *Please be noted that there are cases that the renter needs to handle on their own (such as sudden blown light bulbs and other issues).
    Further, in regards to the expense which has been temporarily paid by the renter, we shall reimburse the expense in exchange of a receipt or other documentation. In such case, the addressee of a receipt must be stated as プレミアムレンタカー(株)"
    Please be noted that we are not able to reimburse expenses without a receipt.

*Note: Vehicle troubles which arise after the vehicle has been rented, may be the liability of the renter.
*Note: Equipment that are not related to the driving of the rental car are considered as accessories under our company's rental agreement. Therefore, if these accessories are rendered unusable due to breakdown or other issues, please note in advance that we are not able to refund for these accessories.

Frequent vehicle troubles reported at our company

*Roadside Assistance indicated in below columns "○" "△" is based on the above (Emergency Response Service).

Cases Roadside
Correction procedure/Guidance
Blown fuse and light Replace in the nearest gas station or auto repair shop. *Some vehicles carry a spare fuse.
Flat tire/Blown tire Replace in the nearest gas station or the auto repair shop. *Tire cannot be replaced without our company's permission.
Service maintenance interval light turns on - It indicates the recommended maintenance timing provided by the manufacturer. There is no problem in driving.
Other warning light indicators turn on - The vehicle computer malfunctions and sometimes lights up temporarily. In such cases, turn off the engine once and restart.
In case of malfunction, the warning light may goes off. *If the warning light does not go off, please check with the instruction manual whether it is possible to drive or not.
Warning light turns on right after the vehicle comes out of a multistory parking structure - If the vehicle detects inclination in a multistory structured parking or a car turntable, warning lights may come on temporarily. The light will go off after several minutes driving.
Low engine oil level warning light turns on Add the sufficient amount of engine oil instead of replacing in the nearest gas station or auto repair shop.
Low coolant level warning light turns on Add the sufficient amount of engine oil instead of replacing in the nearest gas station or auto repair shop.
Brake pad warning light turns on - It indicates that the brake pad needs to be replaced soon, the vehicle can be driven right after the light turns on.
ETC system equipped Network disturbance - In this case, pull out the card from the ETC device, and use a general lane and inform that your vehicle has an ETC system. Then the payments can be made by the card with the ETC discount price.
When key fob is out of battery - The button battery can be purchased at a convenience store or other stores for most vehicles, check the instruction manual and replace.
Running out of battery charge In most cases, the interior or exterior lights of the vehicle was left on.
Other - Please contact the company during our business hours

*This is just a rough indication, but "yellow" warning light for most of the vehicle indicates that it does not immediately affect driving, but "red" warning light may
*The chart is for reference purpose, irregular cases/responses may apply in an actual situation.